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Our Services and Approach

  • Design consultation

  • Space planning

  • Architectural plans if needed

  • Paint, furnishings, finish selections

  • Art consultation

  • Installation timeline

  • Contractor management

  • Complete design management services or

  • Detailed shopping list for client implementation

Whether you want to update a room that needs a fresh perspective or make structural changes to an entire home, I can help you make your dream a reality. I offer a variety of services, making personalized design available for any budget.  
You may want me to advise you on nothing more than paint colors or specific pieces of furniture. Or a room may need a complete refresh, in which case I can create a specific shopping list for you, or I can do what I love most: find the perfect items for you, sometimes from the most unlikely stores or corners of the internet. Broader projects may need a detailed plan and timeline to deliver your dream environment. It all starts and ends with you and how you want to enjoy your home or workplace. 


The process starts with you and your vision.  How do you live in the space?  What do you want to feel when you walk into the room?   Do you have items in the room that have great sentimental value?  Do you have clippings from magazines or catalogs or pins from Pinterest that will help me know what appeals to you?  It is important to bring these to our first meeting along with a budget so we can work together to develop a plan.  I will bring my expertise, specialized skills, track record, contacts, and knowledge base, and together will we map out next steps to design a room that meets or exceeds your expectations.  I will measure and take inventory of existing items that you want to keep and identify positive space attributes or any problems you have identified. 


The detailed plan will be based on your vision, budget, and the type of changes you desire.  Details include new or reupholstered furniture, paint colors or wallpaper samples, lighting fixtures, window treatments, flooring, rugs, art, soft furnishings.  I will create a room layout for your new and old pieces and make recommendations on storage or other problems you want solving. 


The plan may be simple advice on colors, specific pieces of furniture, and other items that go into a detailed shopping list for you to run with Or I will take the vision and map out a detailed plan and timeline that I implement to then deliver your redesigned space.  It all starts and ends with you and your wish for the space. 


Each room becomes a work of art.  The canvass is the room as it is now combined with the vision of what the room can be.  It’s more than furniture.  It’s more than color.  It’s standing back and seeing the room from new eyes, creating layers of comfort and newness.  Mixing old with new.  Highlighting favorite and unique items.  The end result is a new space that reflects the client’s spirit, personality and vision.

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